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Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses

  • Marriage License $40.00

The following must be provided:

Age Requirements

  • No license will be issued to anyone under the age of sixteen.
  • An applicant sixteen or seventeen years of age must have judicial authorization and the written concurrence of the father and mother, or of the parent having legal custody, or of the legal tutor of this person. 


  • Both applicants must be present
  • An application for a marriage license is available on this website or picked up at this office and completed in person at this office.
  • Applications must be signed before a Deputy Clerk, Notary Public or Vital Records Registrar.
  • The number of former marriages for each party and whether divorced must be provided.
  • If either party was previously married a copy of the last divorce decree should be provided.
  • If marriage ended in death, a copy of the death certificate must be provided.
  • Social Security number for each party.
  • If a party is not a US citizen or lawful resident, you may provide a Certificate of Naturalization by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Authority in lieu of a birth certificate.
  • A certified copy of the birth certificate under seal of the State or US territory.
  • Addresses and Parish of residence for both parties must be provided.
  • The highest level of education completed must be provided.
  • If a decree of name change is provided, the document must match the name on all forms of identification including the birth certificate.  If not, the certificate will be issued in accordance with the name on the birth certificate.

Foreign Birth

  • A US citizen born outside the US or territory of the US, must submit a copy of their birth certificate under raised seal or stamp by their proper registration authority.
  • If the birth certificate is not in English, in addition, a translated copy which contains a sworn declaration by the translator that he/she is fluent in the language of birth and of the translation and the translation is true and accurate.

Record of Birth

  • The Judge may waive the birth certificate (if no record) of an applicant born in any state or territory of the US.

Photo Identification

  • A valid and unexpired driver’s license, government issued ID or valid unexpired passport from the country of birth or an unexpired visa.

License Expiration

  • The Marriage License expires 30 days from the date of issuance.  The ceremony must be performed prior to the expiration date. (LRS 9:235)

Waiting Period

  • The parties must wait 24 hours from the time/date of issuance before they wed, unless a waiver is obtained from the District Judge or Justice of the Peace.  The waiver must be obtained prior to the ceremony and then attached to the license and filed with the Clerk. (LRS 9:242)


  • A Minister of the Gospel, Justice of the Peace may perform the ceremony.  A license to marry in Louisiana must be used with the territorial limits of the State of Louisiana.  Two witnesses of full age must also sign the certificates. (LRS 9:244)

Consanguineous or Adoptive Relationship

  • Civil Code Article 90 prohibits marriage within the 4th collateral degree.  

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