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Elections in Vernon Parish

The Clerk of Court is the chief election officer of the parish, the custodian of the voting machines, and a member of the Board of Election Supervisors.  The Board also consists of the Registrar of Voters, the Parish Chairpersons of the Democratic and Republican parties as well as one member appointed by the Governor.

There are 74 precincts in Vernon Parish, which includes the Absentee Voters as well. The Board of Elections Supervisors select commissioners-in-charge, commissioners, and alternate commissioners who are chosen at random during a public meeting of the Board of Election Supervisors. The list of qualified persons have been certified by the Clerk of Court.

The Clerk of Court is responsible for the sealing of the voting machines prior to each election. The Clerk also has the responsibility of making sure these machines are delivered to the respective precincts. On election day the Clerk’s Office will remain open until all returns have been received and tabulated. 

At 8:00 p.m. the precincts are closed and the result cartridges are delivered to the Clerk’s office and are read electronically. Those results are transmitted to the Office of the Secretary of State. Print-outs of the results are available upon request.

Election Returns

Election returns are available for viewing during tabulation: or

Click on Elections and then select Election Returns Database.  You can view statewide and local elections.

After the election the voting machines are then opened and the returns are checked again to verify the returns.

Contact Information

Vernon Parish Elections Office

Election Fraud Hotline